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Accompany your employees in realising their full potential

Use competence assessments to create personalised training programs for your employees. Follow their progress and rest assured that their knowledge and understanding stays up-to-date. Poka makes the integration of new resources easy and encourages continuous learning, allowing your employees to take on new roles and responsibilities.


Standardize your training programs and ensure that employees possess all necessary information to complete tasks safely.


Motivate and empower your employees to learn as they evolve within your business, thanks to a range of tools which provide the training they need at the time they need it.

Before Poka

Training new resources lacks standardization, can be difficult to structure, and often depends on factors beyond your control, such as the availability of trainers, supply demands or holidays. Do you have the tools necessary to provide consistent monitoring of knowledge acquired by each of your employees?

With Poka

Poka facilitates the integration of new employees and ensures that everyone receives the same training. As employees learn and grow within your business, you are able to follow their progress and to adapt their training program according to their learning speed. This means motivated employees can increase their knowledge and take on more challenges and responsibilities.