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Real-time information sharing made easy

Say goodbye to never-ending chains of emails and phone calls. Poka’s Factory Feed redefines communication and collaboration within and between your production facilities. It allows everyone to share and track real-time events happening within all your departments. From troubleshooting an operational breakdown to welcoming a new employee, the Factory Feed in Poka makes it easier and better.


The know-how of all your employees is now compiled in one place in real-time. As a result, news travels quickly throughout your ecosystem and problems are resolved in record time.


In addition to doing away with divisions between departments and work shifts, the factory feed helps develop a sense of belonging among your employees, works to improve their confidence and enhances their willingness to learn, innovate and solve problems.

Before Poka

Interdepartmental communication is limited, inefficient and time-consuming. Crucial information is difficult to communicate and often stays within a small circle of individuals. This inhibits problem solving, can lead to discontentment among employees and can create delays which have large negative impacts on your operational efficiency.

With Poka

There is no longer any danger that a serious problem might fall between the cracks or that a team might begin a work shift missing critical information. Diverse administrative tools and communication channels allow you to categorize and class news in order to target the right resources and to ensure that no one is flooded with unnecessary information.