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Optimize knowledge transfer
and retention

Poka allows everyone to easily document all aspects of machinery with the help of photos, videos and detailed files, and offers your employees an incredibly rich data bank of information that is both long-lasting and instantly accessible at all times. The collaborative nature of the platform encourages employee implication and the sharing of individual expertise.


Poka offers many customizable functions, allowing you to verify the quality of training material before it is made available on the platform.


The use of photos and videos enables better comprehension and substantially reduces the risk of mechanical breakdown or human error.


The platform history allows you to see at a glance reported malfunctions, repairs, and all other incidents related to a machine.

Before Poka

Paper documents are often costly, long to create, difficult to access and are quickly out of date. The most experienced employees are often the closest to retiring. They possess a multitude of invaluable secrets about your machinery; however this knowledge cannot be distributed on a large scale and it leaves the business when they do.

With Poka

All knowledge employees have about a particular machine is accumulated in one place and instantly distributed throughout your business. Videos are quick to create and view and make following procedures easy. Above all, they are stored in a secure format which is accessible at all times. A picture is worth a 1000 words; what is a video worth?