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Gartner Innovation Insight: Connected Factory Workers Drive Smart Manufacturing

Industry Trends

"The nature of work in factories, which is being (re)designed, digitized and improved.” Gartner said in their latest report. “Industry has undergone a pendulum shift from solely optimizing physical assets to a balanced approach that integrates the manufacturing workforce.” 

This new connected factory worker promises to revolutionize the future of manufacturing by integrating digital technologies with human-centric workforce strategies, thereby elevating operational efficiency and employee engagement. By fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing, always-on learning and continuous improvement, the connected factory worker is positioned to make manufacturing more resilient, adaptive, and productive.

What’s Inside

Key findings of the report include:

  • "Connected factory workers use digital tools and data management techniques to augment, improve and integrate their interactions with their physical and virtual surroundings. This reduces variability, boosts decision accuracy and spreads knowledge.
  • Digitization in factories is intensifying while operational know-how fades. Factory workers struggle to embed new technologies into their daily work, which negatively impacts their ability to broaden core skills and build digital fluency to ease labor constraints.
  • Pioneering organizations are offering a new “human deal” to frontline workers by defying convention to build a better experience for frontline employees."

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Source: Gartner, Innovation Insight: Connected Factory Workers Drive Smart Manufacturing, By Simon Jacobson, Dana Stiffler, 7 August 2023

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