10 Steps to Workforce Transformation in Manufacturing

Forward thinking manufacturers like Danone, Kraft, Bosch and Black & Decker recognize the importance of enabling frontline workers as a priority pillar within their digital transformation strategies.

In this free, 60-minute webcast, we will define what it means to have a connected workforce and share a checklist of requirements to consider when looking to transform the way your factory workers perform, develop and contribute within your company.

Based on our experience working with the above-mentioned digital leaders, we will answer common questions related to worker performance support including:

  • What tools should we prioritize to optimize worker performance?
  • How do these tools overlap/complement our existing digital ecosystem?
  • What change management strategies are effective at driving and sustaining adoption?
  • How can we build a compelling business case to prioritize workers in our digital transformation agenda?
Andrea Masterton VP Marketing, Poka
Bill Blank Senior Implementation Consultant, Poka
10 Steps to Workforce Transformation in Manufacturing

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