Masonite Reduces The Rate Of Work Accidents With Poka's Support

In 2015, Masonite St-Ephrem counted nine work related accidents, one of which was serious. These events led upper management to review its Health and Safety training standards.

During the analysis process to identify the training shortfalls, three elements were of major concern and required immediate attention to improve the company’s Health and Safety record:

  • The standardization of training
  • The lack of communication between departments and employees
  • The standardization of available content for Health and Safety requirements

Considering these challenges the training manager agreed that Poka was the best solution to address the company’s current needs. By utilizing the structured video guide development tool, the manager was reassured that the training content would be standardized, which was critical for Masonite’s work environment.

In December 2015, Poka was implemented within the Masonite St-Ephrem site. The initiative was part of a comprehensive revitalization and modernization plan spearheaded by the company’s corporate headquarters. In January, Masonite announced new investments that would help them develop their plants and create new jobs in the manufacturing world. Poka turned out to be a great success in terms of the initial goal to improve training procedures but Masonite also benefited from many more advantages.

In 2015, we recorded nine accidents. Thanks to Poka and our employees becoming more conscientious, we had only two minor events in 2016.

Jonathan Turcotte Plant Manager

Q & A

Do you believe that Poka contributes to increasing the versatility of your employees?

It sure does. We demand a high level of performance and enhanced training can help us maintain an optimal level of productivity. With the factory feed we are now able to easily communicate equipment parameter changes, new material data, changes in procedures, and to reduce our downtime.

Have you noticed any advantages in communicating with employees in real time?

Yes, there is a big advantage to using Poka in these conditions. The platform regulates our announcements to employees. When we post something on the factory feed, we are able to reach all employees in real time. Everyone is now aware of all news related to each department.

Do you believe that Poka allows a better cohesion between the management team and employees?

Yes. The increase is observable in the interactions between all parties. Poka causes an engaging effect and a greater sense of belonging to the company. It also significantly contributes to the Daily Management System every day.

Accelerated and targeted skills development

Masonite uses Poka to produce training guides that are now accessible to all employees at their work stations and production lines. The company benefited from the effectiveness of this rapid access to information in terms of Health and Safety as soon as Poka was implemented in the plant.

Operations Support & Continuing Education

Poka’s skills matrix offered managers the opportunity to regularly evaluate their employees. This allowed the organization to ensure employees are receiving the most up to date information regarding health & safety standards, while created a more productive workforce.

Increased frequency and diversity of communications

The factory feed has had a major impact on issuing reminders in terms of health and safety. It has also been a great way to convey the challenges encountered at different levels of the plant, resulting in staff that is easily informed on the daily activities of the entire site.

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