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Poka Skills

Improve your Workforce Capability

Ensure complete coverage of your employees’ skills, from mandatory certifications to day-to-day basics.

Poka Skills
Skills Matrix

Skills Matrix

Manage your team at a glance with real time status updates and ensure complete coverage of appropriate skills.

Custom Training Program

Use Poka guides, documents, texts and links to external content and classes to build useful training programs for each skill.

Custom Training Program
Certifications and Revision

Certifications and Revision

Keep track of mandatory and recurrent training and certifications with the automatic notification system.

Automatic Assignment

Assign relevant skills to your employees by job title and/or location.

Automatic Assignment

Skills Management Made Easy

  • Keep your employees’ training up to date

    Keep your employees’ training up to date

    Automate skills tracking for the factory workforce; users can request endorsement from managers, ensuring the data is always up to date.

  • No more cumbersome skills tracking with Excel

    No more cumbersome skills tracking with Excel

    No need to manually update excel spreadsheets when an employee learns a new skill.

  • Promote versatility

    Promote versatility

    Easily know who can perform various tasks throughout the plant with a visually pleasing skills matrix layout.

  • Structure your operating procedures

    Structure your operating procedures

    Standardize your training and auditing methods to ensure conformity on your shop floor. Use certifications and revisions to improve your workforce competencies.

  • Empower skills development

    Empower skills development

    Facilitate continuous learning with automatic reminders to update your employees’ skills.

  • Give access to training content in real time

    Give access to training content in real time

    Employees will be notified when new versions of video guides, SOPs and troubleshooting become available. Content is easily accessible when an employee needs it most.

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