An equipment-focussed approach to standardizing work across shifts and plants that supports continuous in-the-flow learning

All your digital work instructions, procedures and one-point lessons in one place.

Easy Access

Workers use tablets on the factory floor to access digital work instructions.


Enforce approval workflows and demonstrate ISO compliance.


Notify all employees working on common equipment when instructions have been updated.


Viewing reports ensure required workers have the most up to date information.

Why You Will Love It
Improve Retention Visual, one-point lessons are easier to retain
Reduce Documentation Effort Create video instructions in half the time of written ones
Demonstrate Compliance Version history and document publication controls
Improve Comprehension Complement written documentation with short video instructions
Real-Time Access Workers scan a QR code to access instructions at their workstations
Minimize Production Disruptions Update standard work instructions without having to inform each employee one by one
Centralize and Manage All Work Instructions
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