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Poka Knowledge

Standardize your operating procedures

Train your employees quickly and effectively with the help of pictures and videos. Favour a continuous and sustainable learning environment for best practices.

Poka Knowledge
Training guides and troubleshooting

Training guides and troubleshooting

Share your best practices, as well as solutions to your recurring problems using short videos produced by your employees. Detail the procedures by adding photo and text files.

Personalized Overview

Establish a custom training program for each employee and track their progress with the help of a visual and detailed dashboard.

Personalized Overview
Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Keep your employees safe by interactively indicating the preventative measures to take and risks associated with each procedure. Assure conformity prior to publishing thanks to a custom approval system.

Knowledge Sharing

Make all forms of procedures accessible to your team, linking guides and troubleshooting to your equipment, products and workstations.

Approval System

Approval System

Ensure content is accurate and compliant by having them validated by various approval groups (production, health and safety, quality, engineering, etc.). Accelerate uploads using the built-in notification system and collaborative feedback.

Content Accessibility Configuration

Only share pertinent content based on authorization and role, depending on the department each employee belongs to.

Content Accessibility Configuration
File Management

File Management

Add documents and external links to your equipment, guides and troubleshooting for quick and effortless consultation. Electric plans, lockout procedures.. anything is possible!

Discover the benefits of improved training

  • Train new employees more effectively

    Train new employees more effectively

    Limit knowledge loss from employee turnover and empower new employees to easily benefit from the know-how of your most talented experts.

  • Standardize your Training

    Standardize your Training

    Be it between factories, departments or work shifts, Poka unifies your training processes allowing you to concentrate on what really matters.

  • Reduce work related accidents

    Reduce work related accidents

    We know that the well being of your employees is a priority. The standardization of processes and access to proper information in real-time significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

  • Reduce paper procedures

    Reduce paper procedures

    Video procedures allow your employees to have alltime access to the most up to date versions, without having to print and reprint.

  • Accompany your employees to help them reach their full potential

    Accompany your employees to help them reach their full potential

    Knowledge sharing benefits as much the individual employee as it does the business as a whole.

  • Prevent human error

    Prevent human error

    The right info guarantees reduced errors, losses, and returns. Poka maintains your procedures and keeps them up to date while making them instantly available.

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