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In 30-minutes we'll walk you through the most common use cases for Poka, including:

  • Accessing digital work instructions
  • Finding solutions to problems
  • Capturing and sharing best practices
  • Delivering training
  • Managing and tracking workforce skills
  • Collaborating to solve problems
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1,000+ Global Rollout Success Stories

A seamless, integrated platform that lets you start fast and scale over time.

All-in-one solution that gives frontline workers access to the knowledge, skills and support they need to perform tasks safely, and to standard.

  • Develop workforce skills & harness operational knowledge
  • Build and support a culture of standardization & continuous improvement
  • Breakdown silos across shifts, departments and sites
  • Discover insights from your daily operations with impactful reports
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What Makes Poka Unique?

  • Deep domain knowledge in manufacturing and digital transformation
  • Connecting the frontline to your digital operations
  • Best-in-class features, in a single integrated platform
  • Intuitive, modern design drives adoption and use
  • Comes ready to configure and use
  • Proven experience deploying connected workers at scale
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Tim Angelici

Engineering Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference between Poka and many of the other systems we typically find in factories today is that Poka is built by and for manufacturers. The platform is comprehensive, bringing togethers a breadth of capabilities to support the needs of frontline factory workers - as opposed to those tools built for management, departments and other salaried employees.

The most common integrations for Poka are with CMMS, MES, LMS and QMS platforms. Poka’s robust API can link to any software, including SAP. Your specific goals should determine how and when integration links should be established. Learn more about integration.

Currently the Poka app is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Malay, Dutch, Russian, Burmese, Marshallese, Polish and Thai, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish. New languages are being added regularly.

Yes, during onboarding our team can help you do a mass import of existing documentation giving your workers a single, centralized place to access knowledge.

Poka is available as an iOS, Android, and Web application. We support the last 3 major versions of iOS and Android, and the last 2 versions of popular browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge).