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Bridging the frontline gap in your digital workflows

Why Integrate?

Despite significant investment in software to support manufacturing operations, frontline workers are often still burdened with disconnected, manual processes. For digitally mature factories, the challenge can be the volume of systems that workers need to use.

Poka offers a seamless interface and single-point of access for frontline workers. Using our integration tools you can extend the power and value of your existing systems by connecting your frontline workers and processes to your digital workflows.

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We found that Poka brilliantly did not build itself to replace other solutions—by design, it interacts effectively with [other systems].


Julian Gonzales

Tyson Foods

Integration Tools

Poka API (Application Programming Interface)

Poka's RESTful APIs give you maximum flexibility to build integrations with any third-party system.

Microsoft Power Automate

The Poka Power Automate Connector leverages pre-fabricated workflows to enable a no-code approach to integration.
Easy integrations, maximum value

Top Integration Use Cases

System Integration Examples Benefits
  • Issue posts can be turned into work orders in the CMMS
  • Status updates on work orders are visible in Poka
  • Avoids duplicate entry of production issue in CMMS
  • Maintenance can solve problems faster
  • Poka skills can feed updates to LMS on status of worker competencies
  • Poka skills link to content in LMS
  • Enables best of breed LMS for factory floor
  • Reduces administrative records
  • Bi-directional links between SoPs in QMS and instructions in Poka
  • Quality issues posted in Poka can push report to QMS
  • Easier access to SoPs
  • Complements written procedure with video
  • Dashboard feature allows real time view into production metrics
  • Trigger posts from MES to Poka and reverse
  • Makes production data and KPIs more visible on the shop floor
  • Operators become “strategic managers” of their equipment
  • Posts related to downtime can be synchronized with ERP logs
  • Video and photos provide greater context and insight into the problem
  • Bi-directional links between Content repositories and data in Poka
  • Increasing accessibility, centralised content storage and maintaining a single source of truth

Doing More with Poka Integrations

Data Analytics

Extract critical data from Poka related to task checklists, skills coverage, training completions and more for use in your corporate business intelligence (BI) platform.

User Management

Integrate Poka with your Corporate credential directories to enable single-sign-on (SSO) and better manage user permissions and access.
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Poka User Community Stories

Leclerc Connects Poka and SAP for Faster Maintenance Resolutions

"Problems that used to take hours to solve are now resolved in a few minutes."

Improving Safety With Poka Forms and Tableau at Soprema

"Every associate shouldn't be more than one click away from opening a form they need to report a safety situation."

Tyson Foods Manages Personnel Training Data with Poka-Workday Integration

"We have found that Poka brilliantly did not build itself to replace other solutions — by design, it interacts effectively with [other systems]. Its open API capabilities provide flexibility in how the data is structured."

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