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Digital manufacturing leaders rely on Poka to improve the knowledge, performance and productivity of their factory workers.

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Antoine Bisson and Alex Leclerc, Poka’s CTO and CEO.

What We Do

Poka helps manufacturers drive performance by empowering workers to learn, solve problems and share knowledge in real-time, on the factory floor. Our platform is designed to connect workers to digital manufacturing operations, and enable a culture of continuous improvement.

Investment Secured

Poka is backed and supported by some of the world’s leading venture capitalists that share our passion for bringing digital transformation to manufacturing. Poka’s recent round of funding brings our total investment to $17M, to develop innovative solutions in the Industry 4.0 era.

Our Story & Mission Built for manufacturers by a former manufacturing CI director

The name Poka comes from Poke Yoke, the Japanese term for mistake proofing.

The idea behind Poka was inspired by the challenges its CEO, Alex Leclerc, experienced while working as a CI Director at a global food manufacturer. Alex saw first-hand how inconsistent performance across the company’s operations can lead to waste, quality issues and safety risks.

Alex then solicited the help of Antoine Bisson, a life-long friend and former engineer at Microsoft and Ubisoft, to help him co-found the company. Their mission was to build a modern solution to help factory workers collectively learn from their mistakes and build knowledge that leads to continuous improvement.

And so Poka was born!

Now to find the information, we no longer ask questions – everything is centralized in Poka.

Operations Support Coordinator Riviera

Proven Results

Poka customers report improvements in the areas that matter most.

4% Improvement in OEE Barry Callebaut improved OEE by 4% on a production line in under 12 months
10% Reduction in Setup Time Leclerc reported a 10% reduction in setup time using Poka
9% Reduction in Waste Riviera reduced waste by 9% by standardizing procedures using Poka
50% Reduction in Training Production Time WestRock reduced the time to produce training content by 50% using Poka
40% Reduction in Shadowing Time Danone reduced shadowing time and manpower costs by 40% using Poka to train new factory workers
2.14% Reduction in Non-Quality Rate Duvaltex reduced its non-quality rate from 4.25% to 2.14% using Poka’s video-based training