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Built for Sharing

Share and enforce standards globally 

The data structure in Poka is designed for global operations and makes it easy to share best practices and standards across multiple locations, languages and departments. It ensures standard work is being followed and quality is consistent wherever the product is made. With Poka you avoid 're-inventing the wheel' and drastically reduce the effort needed to create content. 

Poka Data Structure
Secure by Design

World-class security & reliability

At Poka, we recognize that our customers entrust us with one of their most valuable assets, their organizational and operational knowledge. That is why security and privacy are not an afterthought; it's baked into our DNA.

Poka follows the Secure by Design principles and meets the most stringent security standards. 

Our high platform availability ensures users have access to mission-critical information and tools in Poka to keep production running.


Enterprise Features

User Authentication and Provisioning (SSO & SCIM2)

Audit Trail

Software Integrations - 10 API keys

Unlimited Languages

Sandbox Environment

SLA and Support


Curious how Poka integrates with other solutions?

A Few of Our Enterprise Deployments


Employees at Tetra Pak


Factories at Barry Callebaut


Plants across 3 divisions at Danone

Global Rollout Best Practices

Choose a pilot scope that will reduce risk and build a foundation to scale fast

Quickly demonstrate value & drive impact by tracking KPIs

Reduce implementation risks with customised and structured onboarding

Balance corporate governance with plant priorities and needs

Prioritize early implementations at sites that have a culture of innovation

Focus on building high-value shareable content across common production lines

The concept of connecting every single worker was the foundation of our digital journey and supports a highly collaborative culture while ensuring high quality standards.


Paul Ingram

Director Digital Manufacturing Operations

Industry Best Practices


Purina Accelerates Time to Value Across 21 Sites

"There was alignment from the get-go between corporate and senior executive leaders, so Poka was a fully approved and supported project."
426x240 Standardizing

Mars Standardizes Operational Knowledge Across the Globe

"The ability to duplicate work instructions in Poka has been a huge game-changer for us at Mars... This will truly step-change our speed to competency."

Tetra Pak is Eradicating Man and Method Losses in Production

"We want to know how much loss we get in our process if a person doesn’t have the proper skills or is not trained properly. Making that link is very important for us."

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