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Purina Accelerates Time to Value Across 21 Sites

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Adilson Ferreira, Senior Manager of Training & Competency Development at Nestlé Purina shares lessons learned from successfully deploying Poka across many locations and seeing greater benefits the farther they extend their use of Poka. They walk through the steps taken to ensure the rollouts were successful and sustainable.

About Nestlé Purina

As part of the larger Nestlé brand, Purina is the second-largest pet brand in the world. Following an initial soft launch at four sites, the company deployed Poka across all 23 factories in North America throughout 2020—the height of pandemic disruptions.

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This was no easy task, but Adilson found having a dedicated team with clear roles and responsibilities at both the corporate and factory levels made it straightforward.

  • Education and training team members formed a network of local project leaders and provided consultation on use cases.

  • The corporate Digital Manufacturing Team ensured IT requirements were set up correctly and was responsible for training end-users and deploying content.

  • A Content Management Team coordinated with SMEs to build content and capture standards.

Strong alignment and support from corporate leadership were equally important in making this project a success.

With these teams in place, Poka was implemented in three to four factories every month, even as the pandemic hit. Rollout within each plant was divided into a learning and building phase. The learning phase focused on creating a “factory success plan” that defined the site’s desired outcomes from implementing Poka. The building phase followed, tailored to address site-specific goals.

There was alignment from the get-go between corporate and Senior Executive Leaders, so Poka was a fully approved and supported project.


Adilson Ferreira

Nestlé Purina’s Senior Manager of Training & Competency Development

Adilson credited two main factors that drove a successful implementation across Nestlé’s 23 factories:

  1. Strong, ongoing support from corporate every step of the way.

  2. Poka’s structured and organized onboarding methodology which was customized to each factory’s needs.

Adilson stressed the importance of high-level alignment and approval as an essential step for a smooth rollout. They saw the selection of Poka as a no-brainer. “There was alignment from the get-go between corporate and Senior Executive Leaders, so Poka was a fully approved and supported project,” Adilson said.

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