Standardize Operations and Improve Workforce Productivity

Electronic Forms & Checklists for Manufacturing Operations

Poka makes it easy to capture consistent data on work execution, identify deviations and run reports to uncover actionable insights - in a more efficient, paperless way.


Form Templates

Easily duplicate and design forms with an intuitive drag and drop interface
Digital forms and checklist Form and templates

Multimedia & e-Signatures

Add text, numbers, picklists, dates, pictures, videos and even e-signatures to your forms

Conditional Logic

Fields dynamically change based on user choices - simplifying form completion


Assign weighted scores to responses to track results against a target

Forms Feature Page Scoring mini shot 2x

Sharing & Scheduling

Share forms across global operations and schedule the completion cadence

Ease of Access

Access forms with a quick QR code scan. Visiblity is always based on user-permissions


Notifications can be configured for completed forms and deviations so experts can take action quickly
Digital forms and checklist Notification and deviation
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How Electronic Forms Can Help your Factory

Reduce production inconsistencies through standard work

Capture and monitor data in real-time

Boost workforce productivity by going paperless

Identify, take action and resolve issues faster

Increase visibility into production with actionable insight

Top Electronic Forms Use Cases

Use Cases Forms Checklists Daily Standard Work

Daily Standard Work

Gemba walks, 5S, safety audits, shift handovers
Use Cases Forms Checklists Safety


Near-miss/observation reporting, LOTO, risk assessment checklists
Use Cases Forms Checklists Quality


Raw material, in-progress or finished product checks, non-conformity reports
Use Cases Forms Checklists Operation Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Start-up, shut-down, changeover, CILs
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Poka User Community Stories

Danone Paperless Factory Showcases Manufacturing Sustainability

"With Poka’s Forms feature, it really helped our factories move away from paper and digitalize processes from the bottom up."

Improving Safety With Poka Forms and Tableau at Soprema

"Every associate shouldn't be more than one click away from opening a form they need to report a safety situation."