Connected Worker Platform Demo

A Day in the Life of a Connected Factory Worker

Take a Poka tour, we'll highlight how the platform helps Emma, a new third shift operator, to:

  • Quickly access digital work instructions via QR codes
  • Continuously learn on the factory floor
  • Improve workforce efficiency through digital forms
  • Solve problems independently
  • Continuously capture & share best practices
  • Centralize factory communication

1,000+ Global Rollout Success Stories

A seamless, integrated platform that lets you start fast and scale over time.

All-in-one solution that gives frontline workers access to the knowledge, skills and support they need to perform tasks safely, and to standard.

  • Develop workforce skills & harness operational knowledge
  • Build and support a culture of standardization & continuous improvement
  • Breakdown silos across shifts, departments and sites
  • Discover insights from your daily operations with impactful reports
Prefer to have a tailored demo?

Prefer to have a tailored demo?

A 30-min Personalized Demo for Your Specific Needs

We'll also walk you through the most common use cases for Poka so you leave with all the information you need, and then some.

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Poka has quickly become part of our daily operations and is helping to capture best practices in a centralized, easy-to-access knowledge base

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Arne Smolarz

Head of Manufacturing IT