Health & Safety Use Cases

Reduce Safety Risk and Improve Compliance

Safety is everyone’s responsibility on the factory floor, but more can be done beyond formal safety training to create a culture that is safety aware and empowered to mitigate risk.
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Foster your health and safety culture, all in a single platform

  • Improve access to critical H&S content

  • Streamline and standardize safety training and certifications

  • Keep safety top of mind

  • Ensure safety standards are followed

  • Identify and resolve issues faster

  • Capture, analyze and gain insight from H&S data

  • Streamline the creation, access and communication of H&S content with AI

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Use Cases

UC Health Safety Safety Walk

Safety Walk

Identify potential hazards and take corrective actions to mitigate risk and improve safety
UC Health Safety Behavioral Based Safety Observations

Behavior Based Safety Observations

Identify and correct risks for a safer, more compliant and effective work environment
UC Health Safety Incident Reports

Incident Reports

Capture, analyze and implement corrective actions to enhance overall safety and operational efficiency
UC Health Safety Forklift Inspections

Forklift Inspections

Reduce safety risks and improve operational performance associated with lift operations
UC Health Safety Crane Lift Inspections

Crane and Lift Inspections

Increase operator safety and reduce incidents by ensuring lift inspections are performed to standard
UC Health Safety Near Miss Reporting

Near Miss Reporting

Improve safety and prevent future accidents that affect productivity
UC Health Safety Pre Op Safety Assessments

Pre-Op Safety Assessments

Reduce incidents that affect productivity by ensuring inspections are scheduled and performed to standard
UC Health Safety Safety Audits

Safety Audits

Increase worker safety, efficiency and compliance while minimizing incidents and associated legal risk
UC Health Safety Fire Equipment Inspections

Fire Equipment Inspections

Achieve fire protection inspection and readiness goals while complying with regulatory requirements
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Increase in Near-Miss Reporting


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