Industrial AI for the Factory Floor

Achieve Optimal Agility, Efficiency and Time-to-Value with an AI-powered Workforce
Poka AI empowers your workforce to achieve new levels of efficiency by streamlining access to crucial information, enhancing global communications and accelerating your time to value with automated digital content conversion.
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AI-powered Content Transformation

Eliminate Time-consuming, Manual Document Entry

Automatically convert standard operating procedures and checklists into standardized digital work instructions with AI, dramatically reducing deployment times for a faster time to value.

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Auto Generate Multilingual Transcriptions

Unlock Global Collaboration

Break down language barriers and improve worker collaboration and inclusion. Poka’s AI-powered Transcription bridges language gaps by automatically translating the audio in videos into the subtitled language of choice, effortlessly.

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AI-powered Search

Search Smarter, Not Harder

Revolutionize the way your workers uncover relevant content. Poka AI intelligently analyzes your inquiries and adapts to inaccurate nuances like vague terms. Experiencing relevant results performed in the workers native language will empower your workers with the answers they need, when and where they need them.

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We believe in a future where humans matter, where optimal manufacturing performance can be achieved by the seamless augmentation of frontline workers with cutting edge AI capabilities into their daily workflows.

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Antoine Bisson

CTO @ Poka, An IFS Company


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