Factory Floor Insights for Better, Faster Decisions

A Poka factory is a digital factory, with access to real-time data and unprecedented visibility into daily operations. 

Poka Analytics is a powerful reporting and analytics engine at the heart of the platform that unlocks insights into your connected worker data. It is designed to help corporate leaders, plant management, CI experts and operators track KPI’s, gain insights into production issues, and measure workforce performance to quickly prioritize where corrective action is needed.

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Actionable Insight with Pre-Built Dashboards

Prebuilt Dashboards are the fastest and easiest way for users to view and analyze data captured in Poka. They provide rich and easy to understand visualizations of factory data. Available to all user types within the app, dashboards empower your team to track important KPI’s, quickly spot production issues, and monitor workforce performance. 

In App Dashboard

Custom Dashboards for More Relevant Insights

When it comes to reporting, there is no “one-size, fits all" solution.

With Poka Custom Dashboards, you can create your own reports and visualizations, transforming your raw data into meaningful business metrics that are meaningful to you. Once created, customer dashboards can be securely shared, viewed, and interacted with across your organization. The powerful querying and exploration interface lets you easily slice and dice your data to get the answers you need, faster.

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Accurate and Timely Insights that Empower Performance

Get a holistic view of your operational data

Quickly zero-in (pareto) on priorities

Empower Data-driven CI Decisions

Gain autonomy in building reports

Eliminate the time and effort to gain insight

Spot Trends and Identify Opportunities to Drive Continuous Improvement

Poka’s complete learning and operational functionality provides broader data across a wider range of applications and use cases both operational and training. By breaking down traditional data silo’s, it allows you to overlay different dimensions to quickly identify trends such as: the connection between a form, the number of issues captured, and how it relates to the training of frontline workers to better foster a culture of continuous improvement..

CIL Dashboard
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Customer Story

Identifying and Prioritizing Improvement Opportunities with Poka Analytics at Barry Callebaut

We really take these opportunities of saving time; it’s really great for us.

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