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Improving Safety With Poka Forms and Tableau at Soprema

Foster a Safety Culture Forms & Checklists Integrations

Soprema’s Master Safety Action Plan

Soprema is a leading manufacturer of waterproofing, insulation, and soundproofing products. Associate safety is the company’s primary commitment to its employees. It has a comprehensive Master Safety Action Plan to coordinate and record all actions, but that plan requires corporating insights from production on safety risks to be effective.

Every associate shouldn't be more than one click away from opening a form they need to report a safety situation.


Florent Bellini

Plant Manager

Project Click was born to address this need. Poka QR codes are scanned on the shop floor to access digital work instructions, forms, and updates. Implementing digital forms helped Soprema manage fragmented activities that, when added together, create a safer working environment - like identifying near-misses, conducting inspections, and driving visibility by collecting incident data.

Connecting Poka's forms to Tableau brought Soprema's safety strategy to life. It helps conceptualize data to guide decision-making and engages everyone toward the central goal.

Poka specialists supported the project by evaluating Soprema's business needs, exploring integration options, and building, testing, and iterating in a controlled rollout.


As part of the integration, data flows from Poka to Tableau, where it is aggregated and visualized. Safety dashboards are available for everyone, increasing awareness of safety risks and providing better insight into incidents.

Visualization helps supervisors immediately identify vulnerabilities, prioritize actions based on location, and provide a well-rounded view of department issues. For instance, Tableau maps the inspection status of all fire extinguishers, quickly calling attention to any that were missed. It also indicates which extinguishers are expired and will need to be refreshed or replaced altogether.


As Florent says, you need the correct facts to make a good decision. When information is filtered in informal communication, decisions become unreliable. Therefore, collecting data when it is fresh and relevant is essential in making timely decisions.

In the end, empowering Soprema’s team members by giving them the autonomy to make an impact was the ultimate goal. This was accomplished thanks to Poka’s flexible integration capabilities with existing safety systems.


Engages everyone, from workers to management, in building a safety culture

Workers are now regularly involved in safety reporting

20% increase in efficiency in reporting big injuries

>20% increase in efficiency in reporting near misses

Poka has also helped increase worker productivity by making forms more accessible. Before, when they were using paper forms, safety report submissions were delayed by two to three days as workers needed help locating the correct form. Sometimes, incidents would go unreported. With a quick QR code scan, workers can now access the right form and often submit their reports within the hour.

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