A more effective approach to continuous learning that minimizes production disruptions and engages workers

Workers access training content on the factory floor using tablets and QR codes.


Complement or replace existing written instructions with micro-lessons in video format.


Use tablets to capture video and photos for training content.


Assign skills and training content to workers through Poka.


Workers can track their progress and identify gaps in their own skills.

Why You Will Love It
Drive Performance Improve safety, quality and OEE through continuous learning
Better Comprehension Video and photos leave less room for interpretation
Lower Training Costs Reduce shadowing and training time away from the shop floor
Accessible Easy, QR Code access to training content on the factory floor
Microlearning Short format means workers can learn when the opportunity arises
Easier to Create Content Video takes 30-50% less time to create than written instructions
Deliver and Manage All Factory Training
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