A holistic approach to managing skills & training that empowers supervisors, HR & workers

Create a multi-step training program for each skill made up of content already in Poka.


Skills are assigned to employees based on role and location.


Employees learn using the videos, instructions and exams in Poka.


Workers’ skills must be verified by a supervisor or trainer once the training is complete.


Use the skills matrix to see completed, pending and expired training across your production team.


Re-new mandatory training on time with automated notifications and expiry dates.

Why You Will Love It
Save Time No more manual spreadsheets or inputting test results
Empower Workers With greater visibility into personal development
Demonstrate Compliance Auditors can easily verify completed training
Empower Supervisors To track and maintain their team’s skills
Close Skills Gap By identifying gaps and upskilling workers continuously
Reduce Training Time With easy to understand and retain micro-lessons
Centralize and Manage All Factory Skills
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