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A Fully Integrated Platform Built for Continuous Improvement

knowledge on a factory floor Knowledge Management

Digital work instructions, micro-lessons and troubleshooting tips accessed in seconds by workers

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skills managment in a factory Skills Management

A standard way to oversee and accelerate employee skills development

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communication management in factories Communication

Connect employees to solve problems in real-time and share important updates

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forms and checklists Forms

Inspect and monitor operations in an efficient and compliant manner

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Poka overview
knowledge on a factory floor skills managment in a factory communication management in factories forms and checklists

Connects Your Entire Workforce to Capture Knowledge Continuously


Share updates, find solutions to problems, and learn on the job


Oversees daily operations and workforce skills with greater visibility


Stakeholders from HR, Safety, and Quality standardize work and ensure compliance across the organization

Our expectations have been exceeded in every respect.

Global Director Operational Excellence Barry Callebaut