How Poka is Taking the Employee Experience to the Next Level

Poka February 18, 2022

Discover how making employees their top priority has stimulated innovation and had a positive impact on the customers they serve.

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A few months ago, we put a lot of effort into defining the DNA of our employer brand. The goal was to form elements that define our value as an employer to support our organization's best asset—our employees.

So we got them involved, discussed and even interviewed them on the subject. We needed our employee's voices, and, as usual, they gave us valuable insight. We present the result of this process in our Poka Culture Book, a public manifesto expressing our promise to our current and future employees.

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An Employer Brand Focused on Authenticity

Authenticity is the quality of being real and true, and this is how we define our employer brand. Beyond the tangible benefits that we offer, our employer brand is distinguished by its sincere and genuine approach to human relations.

We at Poka are powered by authenticity combined with ambition. We are:

  • Authentic in who we claim to be
  • Authentic through our accessibility and our reach
  • Authentic in our vision

An Internal Culture Focused on People and Their Personal Potential

Poka has always prioritized innovation. But product innovation comes first and foremost through innovation in our people practices as an employer. We have therefore focused on building on aspects that define our humanity as seen by our employees:

  • The sincere trust we show in our employees
  • The infinite recognition that we provide them for the work they do with us
  • The consistent appreciation and pride we feel in them and in what they are capable of accomplishing
  • The focus on actively listening to their ideas and opinions when they have something to say because we firmly believe everyone has something to share
  • The conviction that we are there to support them, honestly, in both their professional and personal lives.

How This Culture Makes Us a Better Company for the Clients We Serve

We quickly understood that strong company culture is not only limited to the level of happiness of our team members but that it also has a considerable impact on our service offer and our global customer experience.

A Constantly Evolving Product

First, with motivated and passionate employees, creation is at its peak! We see daily their deep desire to innovate by designing a product at the cutting edge of technology. New ideas are popping up everywhere, and our App is only increasing in terms of adaptability thanks to the constant addition of new features and the perpetual refinement that our team brings to the Poka solution.

This thirst for ambition among our employees allows Poka to offer a truly distinctive solution that specifically meets the needs of various specialized industries in the manufacturing sector.

An Exceptional Customer Experience

The Poka culture makes it possible to attract, acquire, and retain the best talents. We seek to work only with la crème de la crème of specialists, from the sales department to customer service!

Consequently, our clients benefit from a high-end experience, from the first moment they speak to us to the final implementation of our solution in their factory. We work very hard to ensure that our employee's sense of belonging towards Poka is reflected in their tasks and in each of the interactions they have with our customers.

Want to Be Part of the Poka Culture?

If you are ambitious, have a thirst for knowledge and are looking for a challenge to take you to the next level, you are made for Poka. We are currently actively recruiting in all our departments; take a look at our career page.

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