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April 03, 2017
The 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report reflects seismic changes in the world of business.
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The 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report reflects seismic changes in the world of business. This year, it identified 10 areas in which organizations will need to close the gap between the pace of change and the challenges of work and talent management.

The report inspired us to show you how Poka relates and how it is the solution to rewrite the rules of digital the age. Here is a short resume of the 10 trends, in which we added how Poka changes the game.

As you know, the fourth industrial revolution has fundamentally transformed business, the broader economy and society. The main problem is the ever-increasing gap between technological sophistication and the amount of work actually performed.

But what causes the gap?

We believe the problem comes down to human capital strategies; how businesses organize, manage, develop and align people at work. Today a new set of digital skills is needed. Here are the 10 trends proposed by Deloittes’ report:

  • Organization of the future
  • Careers and learning
  • Talent acquisition
  • Employee experience
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Disrupted
  • Digital HR
  • People Analytics
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Future of work

Poka is the Game Changer

Although Poka can address all of these trends, there are 4 that really drive continuous improvement within factories by utilizing an application like Poka.

The Organization of the Future : Arriving Now

In recent years, manufacturing companies have invested heavily in automating their production lines to improve productivity and efficiency. However, automation increases the level of complexity employees have to face on a daily basis to both operate and troubleshoot equipment. Increasing complexity requires more in-depth procedures and training material to allow the workforce to operate this level of sophisticated equipment. 

We also believe that Poka can add a tremendous value to organizations by stimulating creativity and innovation, building a firm’s knowledge library and enabling agility and adaptability. Poka also promotes a sense of community and belonging, improving organizational internal and external effectiveness, and contributing toward succession planning and workforce development.

This is achieved through the promotion of creating, sharing, and applying knowledge through feeding of valuable lessons learned and best practices into the corporate knowledge library. In order to foster continued organizational learning. Poka is not intended to replace individual knowledge, but to complement it by making it stronger, more coherent, and more broadly available.

"The game has changed, and so have the rules. Any organization that is not playing by the new rules will likely fall behind"

Careers and Learning : Real Time All the Time

Retrieving, printing or editing a training document on a server can be very complex and time consuming. This can often lead to the information not being used or kept up-to-date.

Poka’s Equipment Profile Page is the concept under which information is turned into actionable knowledge and made available effortlessly in a usable form to the people who can apply it. It allows the right people at the right time to enable efficient and effective decision making in their everyday business. Poka uses the QR barcode scanning technology as a means of accessing the information in a fast and accurate manner. This technology will allow access to real-time and up-to-date information within seconds, and problem and unplanned downtime will be solved within minutes. This means no time is lost trying to access the right information.

The Employee Experience : Culture, Engagement and Beyond

As the industry changes, the nature of work required is changing as well, and it is happening fast, all while manufacturers continue to expect more from their employees. Respondents report that the number one skills deficiency among their current employees is problem solving/troubleshooting skills, making it difficult for current employees to adapt to changing needs. Due to this factor, a strong training program is required to be successful in retaining employees.

Digital HR: Platforms, People and Work

As humans, employees want to view and consume training and informative content visually, because it’s a more interesting and engaging way for them to learn. Poka reinvents how employees connect with an organization, redefining how they learn, collect information, and collaborate.

Learn more about the report and Deloitte. 

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