Virtual Andon & Remote Collaboration for Factory Workers

Lean ManufacturingConnected WorkforceDaily Management April 28, 2020
As experts work from home during pandemic, a virtual Andon system helps workers connect and collaborate with support staff to solve production issues.
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact supply chains across industries, manufacturers are pivoting production strategies in response to new demand and new constraints created by the crisis.

In some cases, this means companies are re-tooling lines to produce ventilators or face masks. For others, it has required fast upskilling and recruitment to cover absent workers.

With such rapid changes, manufacturers are bound to see the number of questions from operators and issues increase. That’s why it’s crucial for workers to have real-time access to subject matter and equipment experts so that issues are resolved quickly and with minimal downtime.

But with most support staff working from home as companies abide by physical distancing policies, connecting frontline workers with experts to collaborate and solve problems has become a challenge.

Continuous learning on the factory floor

How Manufacturers are Safely Solving Problems at a Distance

Companies across the world are increasingly using digital communication and collaboration tools like Poka on the factory floor to enable operators and experts to resolve production issues at a distance. Andon lights are replaced with an application that captures the details of production issues and sends out notifications in real-time. And digital Kanban boards replace whiteboards to help management better track and escalate issues.

Here are some of the benefits they’ve seen:

  • Bosch: Saw a direct productivity increase of 8%
  • A Global Water Company: Reduced unplanned downtime by 55%

See How Remote Andon and Digital Kanban Works

In the following video demo, you’ll see how workers digitally solve problems by using Poka to:

  • Resolve issues using a library of digital troubleshooting tips
  • Create a call for help and resolve issues by collaborating with experts and co-workers
  • Continuously feed a digital knowledge base of troubleshooting solutions
  • Manage and escalate issues more efficiently in real-time


By using Poka to digitally connect frontline workers with management and support staff, companies will reduce the frequency of in-person interactions required when troubleshooting and managing issues. Everyone can feel at ease knowing workers are equipped to manage, escalate and resolve issues at a distance.

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