Barry Callebaut

How Barry Callebaut is Digitalizing and Scaling an Operator-Centric Culture

Foster a Safety Culture Digital Work Instructions & Troubleshoots

Poka helps us execute faster and more dynamic problem-solving. It allows us to see - through visuals like pictures and videos - what happened in previous shifts and share accomplished activities. We can easily socialize defects and issues through these same media and escalate them to management.


Leandro Lima, Abraao Dos Santos and Cenzar Henrique


MES and Poka are digital enablers that make our Gemba more dynamic, create visual tools for our sites and improve workshop productivity.


Newman Chang

Plant Manager, Suzhou

What we’re seeing with Poka is that it’s really supporting us in most of the elements that make a difference.


John Schouten

Head of Global Operational Excellence

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