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The Leclerc Group Prepares For A Retiring Workforce

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For the Leclerc Group, the loss of employees due to retirement makes retention of best practices more difficult. As a leader in the food industry for more than 110 years, they liked the idea of a tool that would allow the company to safeguard and share the knowledge of its employees easily. For Leclerc, Poka was the perfect tool to deal with unplanned downtime and their need for standardized training content.

In 2014, Poka was located in six Leclerc plants in Canada and the United States. Since then, the benefits have been remarkable: Poka not only proved to be a success with the initial set-up objectives but also brought new insights into plant practices, allowing for improvements at other levels.


Leclerc Time Savings


Staff learning time


Equipment Downtime


Start-ups and changeovers


Do you think Poka promotes collaboration within departments?

Yes. Since implementing Poka throughout our group, employees have said they greatly benefited from the platform, using it to collaborate and interact with their colleagues.

Do you believe that Poka allows better cohesion between the management team and the employees?

Unanimously, employees who responded to an internal survey said that Poka was an innovative solution that facilitated communication. Managers benefit from close contact with events on the factory floor. Through videos, photos and comments on the news feed, supervisors can better communicate with employees and understand their everyday reality.

Does Poka encourage employee engagement and help improve the work environment?

With Poka, users are eager to contribute to the business and help their colleagues. Poka has significantly changed the culture at Leclerc. The platform has catalyzed the development of a culture based on a common goal.

Problems that used to take hours to solve are now resolved in a few minutes.


Marcela Muñoz

Business unit manager

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Significant Improvement in Training Processes

Training videos have reduced learning time by 75%. Employees can now learn independently and maximize training outcomes. Creating videos is also considerably faster than writing paper-based training materials, providing Leclerc time savings of around 80%.

Increased Productivity

Using Poka, the time savings are considerable across the board. At Leclerc, equipment downtime fell 5.9%, while start-up and changeovers were down 31%. The productivity of equipment and employees has improved thanks to the easy access to information, collaboration, and mutual assistance that Poka provides.

Health and Safety

The quick and easy access to training content for the Leclerc Group also positively impacted occupational health and safety. By facilitating the sharing of best practices in video format, Poka helps promote a safe work environment. As a result, employees are more aware of the risks associated with specific procedures, and the number of accidents has decreased.

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