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With maintenance processes spanning three stages and non-homogeneous training content, Westrock Candiac knew that a new approach was needed to achieve significant plant savings, especially time savings. They implemented Poka to help standardize training content and manage maintenance requests.

Poka was up and running in May 2016, and despite the usual summer slowdown, employees could complete 243 training guides, not including those awaiting approval. The training material has helped improve communications and plant operations.

Not only have we seen significant savings in terms of time, but our employees also feel that the training materials produced with Poka greatly simplify their work.

Martin Rainville

Plant Controller


How has Poka helped your overall training strategy?

Poka significantly decreased the time needed to produce training content. Currently, videos have an average length of 6 minutes. However, we want to reduce this time to 3 minutes to optimize the process of continuous improvement.

Do you use Poka to transfer knowledge and improve your knowledge bank?

Yes. For example, one of our highly experienced employees will retire within two months. We decided to release him from his current duties in advance and instead have him help us produce the training guides. He is also assisting in training others who will eventually take his place.

Does Poka allow you to speed up the arrival of technical support teams for an intervention?

Yes. We estimate that we performed approximately 25% more interventions than before. We gained 25% of the support team’s time by eliminating the paper application form and subsequent steps. Maintenance requests are therefore processed within 24 hours or even immediately whenever possible.

The video support eliminates a lot of confusion, loss of time and, above all, delays. Producing a digital training guide with Poka is twice as fast as in paper format.

Martin Rainville

Plant Controller


Operational Support

Westrock employees’ knowledge continually improves, ensuring optimal and safe productivity. In addition, Poka’s collaboration tool has dramatically impacted the working environment and employee communication.

Standardization Of Training Content

Thanks to Poka, considerable time is saved in training employees. Staff can access equipment operations content, reducing downtime caused by human error. In addition, retirement is less of a concern, as the operational expertise held by the most experienced employees is now well-documented in Poka.

Health And Safety

An operator’s “dead time” is now used to carry out preventive maintenance procedures on their equipment, ensuring safer operations.

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