A Single Integrated Platform That Covers the Knowledge, Training and Communication Needs of Your Factory

Knowledge Management
  • A centralized digital library of work instructions, videos, troubleshooting solutions and more
  • Workers use tablets to scan QR codes and access information in seconds
  • Ensure a standardized way of working across global operations by creating an equipment network
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Skills Management
  • Deliver and track training for new hires, operator upskilling and mandatory certifications
  • Multi-step training programs built to standardize employee skills development
  • The Skills matrix provides an "at-a-glance" view of completed, outstanding and pending training
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  • Connect workers across shifts and plants to solve problems in real time
  • A digital logbook for workers and management to share important production updates
  • Capture and archive a continuously growing knowledge base of production events
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Enterprise Features Poka is available as a secure, dedicated Cloud service and built for enterprise scalability.
Secure by Design The most stringent, audited SaaS security standards
Multiplatform Available as a native Desktop and iOS app and through any modern Web browser
13+ Languages English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Malay, Dutch and more
High Availability Designed for uninterrupted uptime and enterprise scale
Flexible Customize workflows, information tags and permissions by factory or division
Integrations Connect to core systems with our fully documented API
Integrate Poka with Core Digital Systems

Poka integrates with core digital manufacturing systems to ensure seamless workflow and optimal user experience.

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Proven Results

Poka customers report improvements in the areas that matter most.

40% Reduction in Training Costs
4% Improvement in OEE
9% Reduction in Waste
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