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5 Tips to Turn Training into Continuous Learning on the Factory Floor

Manufacturing Training

Despite manufacturers spending more on training than any other industry, traditional approaches have failed to deliver the expected returns. Putting the power to learn into the hands of every factory worker is shaking up industrial learning and development.

What’s Inside

Putting Learning Into the Hands of Workers

New training strategies are leading the shift towards continuous learning. Combined with the right ‘factory-first’ technology, it can help improve ROI measures like productivity, safety, and workforce skills coverage and versatility. A Connected Worker application combines learning staples with on-demand training, skills management and evaluation tools.

This e-book offers practical advice learned by digital manufacturing leaders who demonstrate how to:

  • Get out of the training room and onto the factory floor
  • Leverage mobile technology
  • Manage ever-evolving training material to streamline continuous learning
  • Integrate knowledge-sharing and problem-solving to manage daily challenges better 
  • Move away from long-format training in favor of micro-learning
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