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A Modern Approach to Onboarding for the Empowered and Connected Frontline Worker

Manufacturing Training
The labor crisis is expected to continue in the upcoming years. Learn from industry experts how to prioritize employee retention to mitigate widespread labor shortages and a retiring workforce.
Key Insights

New Tools To Improve Employee Onboarding

Traditional training, like job shadowing, paper instructions, and in-class sessions, is no longer sufficient to properly onboard new factory workers. Digital manufacturing tools such as a connected worker solution are essential for keeping today’s workforce engaged and supported at every stage of their training.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • What does it mean to be a truly Connected Worker?
  • How a connected worker solution can improve and optimize your onboarding process
  • The Dura-Line story and how they are using Poka for onboarding
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Meet Your Presenters

Marc Vermette

EVP of Sales at Poka

Niki Burris

Continuous Improvement Project Manager at Dura-Line