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A3 Methodology Template

Lean Manufacturing

The Power of a Single Sheet of Paper

A3 Methodology is a lean thinking process and problem-solving approach used by manufacturers as part of their continuous improvement practice. To build consensus and buy-in, stakeholders prepare an A3 Report. This one-page summary distills the critical aspects of the problem and solution they identified as part of the A3 Thinking process.


What's Included with the A3 Problem-Solving Report?

Get everything you need to implement the A3 Methodology at your plant. A3 Reporting is often used for collaborative problem-solving, strategy development, or reporting.

Our template includes:

  • Fully programmed A3 template in both Google Sheets and Excel
  • Detailed instruction handbook to help get you started
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How to Use This Template

Our A3 Report composes of four major sections:

  1. Problem definition - establish the business context and describe the current and targeted conditions
  2. Analyze and define - determine the causal problem relationships
  3. Identify and develop countermeasures - how best to mitigate the effects of the problem
  4. Verify results - create a follow-up process

A3 Methodology borrows heavily from the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) process. Don’t stress about completing your report in a linear, step-by-step manner. It’s an iterative process, with the problem and countermeasures sections cyclically updated as you progress.

If your problem is too complex to fit on a single page, break it down into smaller sub-problems. An A3 Report is all about staying focused on what matters. It should encourage in-depth problem-solving, outlining the thinking that led to the recommended solution.

An assigned champion fills out the A3 report using information from all stakeholders. The methodology encourages asking many questions, listening and collaborating, and synthesizing the final plan into a visual, consolidated report.

Its simple structured approach makes it an excellent way to bring manufacturing innovation to the surface and leverage front-line workers’ expertise and knowledge.