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Accelerate Your Connected Manufacturing Journey with Digital Work Instructions

Connected Workforce
The old way of documenting and sharing standards through lengthy, written SOPs stored in binders doesn’t address today’s need for agility, workforce autonomy, and productivity in manufacturing. The answer? Bring on digital work instructions.
Key Insights

Reduce Training Costs And Boost Productivity

Digital Work Instructions are essential for any modern production system and the first step towards effectively developing and managing operational knowledge.

Giving factory workers easy access to visual single-point lessons at the point of need can drive measurable improvements in your operations, including a 40% reduction in training time and costs and a 9% improvement in productivity.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How digital work instructions fit into your digital transformation strategy
  • What to consider when moving to digital work instructions
  • Best practices for getting started quickly with limited resources
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Meet Your Presenters

Vaishnavi Ravi

Product Marketing Director at Poka

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Andréanne Harbec

MBA MScA Eng, Six Sigma Black Belt, Director Professional Services at Poka