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Daily Management Demo

Daily Management encompasses Digital Forms, Issues Management and Task Management so your workforce can do the best job possible, streamline production and drive actionable outcomes.

Solve Problems Faster

With Poka’s Daily Management, workers complete tasks the right way, at the right time, ensuring standards are consistently followed, deviations are quickly resolved, and everyone is involved in a culture of continuous improvement.

In this five-minute demo, we’ll show you how factory employees use Poka to quickly solve a malfunctioning case packer by:

  • Alerting management to the issue when filing their assigned shift handover, noting the reason for downtime and flagging the production deviation
  • Creating a rich-media troubleshooting post, kickstarting collaboration with experts
  • Tracking problem resolution on the Digital Kanban board
  • And lastly, closing the loop by assigning a root-cause analysis to maintenance

Video daily management demo 2