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Defining Your Factory Training Journey

Manufacturing Training

This 17-page e-book maps out how to implement role-specific skills for optimal onboarding, on-the-job training, upskilling and reskilling using Poka's Connected Worker application. 

What’s Inside

Your Comprehensive Guide to Job-Based Training

The Four Stages of Training and Retention: Uncover the stages that shape employee training and retention – from essential onboarding to specialized role-specific training, dynamic upskilling, and the strategic advantages of reskilling.

Executing Role-Specific Training with Poka: Explore how Poka's innovative Skills feature revolutionizes training with tailored content, diverse assessment methods, and a visual skills matrix for real-time tracking.

An Implementation Case Study with a Global Beverage Producer: Explore a real-world example of how an international beverage producer leveraged skills-based training to drive success and scalability.

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