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How Manufacturers are Prioritizing Their Digital Transformation Initiatives

Digital Transformation
If you're looking to fast-track your company’s digital transformation to stay competitive, avoid deploying a hodge-podge of technology at all costs. It only drains your resources and your budget.
What’s Inside

Evaluation Criteria Guidelines

How should you be choosing your priorities then? This e-book answers the question 1-in-4 manufacturers are trying to uncover.

Inside this ebook:

  • The Golden Question: what you need to ask yourself when prioritizing
  • Sneak peek into Tetra Pak's World Class Manufacturing digital transformation journey
  • Four things to think about when prioritizing:
    • Take a best-of-breed approach
    • Accelerate your impact
    • Reach for high adoption
    • Pick the gift that keeps on giving
  • Is now the right time to focus on Connected Worker?
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