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How to Build and Sustain a Lean Manufacturing Culture

Lean Manufacturing
Culture is a tricky thing. Many times organizations mistakenly define their tools and processes as their culture. That’s only part of it. Here’s how to build a healthy Lean manufacturing culture from the ground up.
Key Insights

Putting People at the Heart of Lean Culture

Engaging and empowering frontline workers is vital to building and sustaining a lean manufacturing culture. Lean manufacturing expert and author Mike Hoseus shares his thoughts on selecting, developing and inspiring people as part of your Lean system.

The presentation also features a practitioner perspective from leading food producer Barry Callebaut. Throughout their story, you’ll hear how digital tools transform the company’s Continuous Improvement practice.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The foundations of a Lean culture
  • Best practices and tools for empowering workers
  • How to inspire frontline workers to identify and solve problems
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Meet Your Presenters

Mike Hoseus

Executive Director at CQPO, Co-Author of Toyota Culture

Johan De Langhe

Global CI Champion, Barry Callebaut

Alex Leclerc

CEO & Co-founder at Poka