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How to Drive Performance Improvements in Your Factory

Manufacturing Excellence
Despite your best intentions and efforts to build a culture of continuous improvement that extends to workers, it’s not easy without the right tools. Innovative applications can bring the benefits of digital manufacturing to frontline workers, elevating and supporting their role in the value stream.
Key Insights

Identifying and Applying Best Practices

Watch this webcast to learn how manufacturing leaders like Danone, Kraft, Bosch, and Barry Callebaut are driving performance improvements as a result of empowering workers to learn, communicate and solve problems in the flow of work.

We also share ten practical steps to improve factory performance sustainably and continuously.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how other top-performing manufacturers have:

  • Reduced waste by 9%
  • Reduced unplanned stops by 55%
  • Decreased near-misses by 34%
  • Reduced shadowing time and costs by 40%
  • Increased OEE by 4% (on an already optimized line)
  • Reduced production start-up time by 66%
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Meet Your Presenters

Andrea Masterton

VP Marketing at Poka

Bill Blank

Manufacturing Excellence Education at Poka