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How to Transition Towards a Lean Problem-Solving Culture

Lean Manufacturing
What are the vital ingredients to building and sustaining a lean problem-solving culture? This webinar features expert perspectives on how problem-solving has changed on the factory floor and the benefits manufacturers are seeing as a result of digital transformation.
Key Insights

Optimizing Resolution Time

Representatives from Church and Dwight, a leading home and personal care company, share how they connected and empowered factory workers to optimize problem-solving and resolution time on the factory floor.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The limitations and challenges of traditional problem-solving techniques
  • How autonomous problem solving enables a lean culture
  • How to properly capture learnings from past problems
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Meet Your Presenters

Alex Leclerc

CEO & Co-founder at Poka

James Stevens

Shift Manager at Church & Dwight

Gemma Stapley

Training Coordinator and Digital Systems Administrator at Church & Dwight

Sanjeiv Asokan

Senior Manager at Kaizen Institute Western Europe