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New Hire Onboarding Best Practices in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Training

What does good onboarding look like and how does it benefit your factory?

Research shows that manufacturers with comprehensive, standardized onboarding have better productivity early on and higher employee retention.

What’s Inside

Overcoming Common Industrial Training Challenges

While necessary, classroom training and job shadowing have their limitations. A Connected Worker app supports each stage of your onboarding process for a better training experience and ultimately, helps ensure a better training outcome. 

In this 11-page e-book you’ll learn:

  • Why standardized onboarding is vital

  • What onboarding for frontline operators should include

  • Poka’s training delivery method, which combines classroom and job shadowing with supportive e-learning tools

  • 7 ways a Connected Worker app can help address common onboarding challenges

  • Plus two onboarding case studies: Nutricia (a subsidiary of Danone) and Bel Group

E book Manufacturing Onboarding Best Practices