Sharing Expertise to Encourage Innovation

How ArcelorMittal ensured knowledge retention

A major problem manufacturers face today, which no one can escape, is an aging workforce. This was no different for the Quebec based steel company ArcelorMittal.

It was after receiving a presentation from Poka that ArcelorMittal’s managers understood how an innovative solution would help resolve this concern at their Contrecoeur plant. The idea of using videos to easily capture employee’s know-how was the simple solution they were looking for. In addition, they realized there was a lack of formal communication throughout the operational cycles, and ArcelorMittal attributed this issue to the fact that their technology was outdated.

Dany Nadeau, Plant Manager for ArcelorMittal’s Contrecoeur facility, saw in Poka a perfect opportunity to overcome certain weaknesses in his plant:

  • Limited detailed training due to their complex processes
  • Minimal operational support and communication

Managers also felt employees needed to be more committed to the company’s growth and to improving their plant; Poka was an appropriate collaborative tool.

In May 2016, Arcelor Mittal Produits Longs Canada introduced Poka to 40% of their workforce within two of their facilities in Contrecoeur. With the help of their employees and operational experts, they created more than 100 videos that are now a valuable part of their Continuous Improvement strategy.

Poka responds to the appetite for technology in an industry that is unfairly perceived as outdated.

Dany Nadeau Plant manager

Q & A

Do you believe that Poka offers a greater exchange of information between shifts?

Yes, our employees are now proud to be on the cutting edge of technology, even if our factory is a processing plant, and our processes remain the same through the years.

Does Poka facilitate adjustments to the equipment during production?

Yes, we have more than 100 videos that have been made to give examples of adjustments for all the equipment. As we anticipate that 100% of our employees will use Poka in 2017, that means we will gain a lot of time on our production line.

Do you feel that Poka reduces unplanned downtime and offers a way to share information more efficiently?

Not only does it reduce downtime, it has also begun to allow us to measure profits. Each downtime is recorded in an Excel fi le and compared to an estimated time without Poka. There are potential savings of $ 7,400 / hour.

Share expertise to encourage innovation

ArcelorMittal considers opting for Poka an innovative decision that has put them ahead of the game.

Operations support

The company emphasises continually improving their employees’ knowledge which ensures optimal and safe productivity. ArcelorMittal also understand the importance of retaining the expertise of its employees. As a result, the company provides more precise training than ever before.

Employee participation in creating knowledge base

The news feed had a major impact, particularly regarding communications between employees. As all plant activities are now available in real-time on the application, collaboration and knowledge sharing greatly contribute to improvements in the plant’s overall best practices.

Top Use Cases

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