Leclerc, a successful fifth generation family that makes cookies and granola bars, works hard to maintain consistent operations and standards across its 8 plants in North America. This includes harmonizing the systems and software underpinning the company’s digital transformation. Poka is Leclerc’s chosen tool for operational knowledge and training, as well as the platform that supports daily management and communication on the factory floor. Other departments at Leclerc rely heavily on SAP - the Maintenance team for example have built a robust system in SAP for managing tasks.

The need for integration between the two systems became apparent when team leads began using Poka on a daily basis to complete floor tours. As they identified issues, they would capture the details in Poka along with a photo or video, and tag the equipment. This gave team leads a centralized place to oversee, manage and escalate problems.


Poka’s open API and SAP’s Cloud Connect send requests and notifications back and forth between the systems through Microsoft Power Automate.

In those instances when a corrective request to maintenance was required, team leads would have to log into and re-enter the information into SAP for the maintenance team. This was not only an inefficient use of precious resources, it delayed the time to resolution.

A cross-functional team from Poka and Leclerc managed the integration project to scope the need, identify the information and direction of data flow between the two systems and build the solution for the integration of SAP using their Cloud Connect capability and Poka using its open API.

With this integration now built, team leads can automatically create work orders for maintenance in SAP, directly from an issue post in Poka. Notifications are triggered in SAP and updates sent back to Poka as the status of the corrective action changes. Team leads have better visibility into the status of the job and problems are resolved faster.


The Connection between Leclerc’s SAP system and Poka provided the Team Lead more control and responsiveness on maintenance needs and issues identified.

The company is now looking forward to further leveraging the integration built between SAP and Poka for many more integration use cases.