Driving Productivity on the Factory Floor With Continuous Learning

Traditional approaches to training are not well suited to the realities of the factory floor. Despite tremendous progress in philosophy, format, and systems, the majority of manufacturing training hasn't changed in decades. According to a recent Industry Week survey, 72 percent of manufacturing companies still rely on shadowing as their primary method of training.

In this Webinar

The good news is, a confluence of perfect conditions is happening now, from technology maturity to demographic shifts, that makes it the perfect time to adopt always-on, digital learning for your factory workers.

  • Best practices for training factory workers
  • Tips for managing workforce skills
  • How to get production and operations excited about training
  • How to capture, share, and apply knowledge in the flow of work


Charles Jennings Co-founder, 70:20:10 Institute
Andrea Masterton VP Marketing, Poka

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