Duvaltex Uses Innovation To Expand

Duvaltex, who owns the brands Victor Textiles, True Textiles and Guilford of Maine, with plants in Canada and the United States, has the objective of becoming a global leader in the commercial textile industry. As the company keeps growing, centralizing the information and nurturing teamwork have become essential components of plant operations and beyond.

Although the textile industry is thriving, the company is currently facing an important challenge : a wave of employee retirement, representing decades of experience and industry knowledge. Moreover, finding skilled employees for fabric manufacturing is a huge challenge.

In 2015, the need to retain employee know-how forced Duvaltex to seek a solution that would prevent and support the challenges faced by the Quebec unit:

  • Centralizing organizational communications
  • Retention and transfer of expertise

Since 2015, Poka has been implemented in three mills in Canada. More than 150 employees received access to the tool, and have been able to use it on a daily basis. The initiative is part of a broad plan to revitalize the company’s training and innovation practices. Almost two years later, more than 250 Poka videos have been produced, and the tool has created a culture shift in which employees share best practices among various departments.

Poka is a very useful solution for inter-departmental communications and retention of expertise

François Chevarie Executive Vice President and COO

Q & A

Do you believe that Poka promotes collaboration within the departments?

Absolutely. Organizational communications are now centralized and we have benefited in many ways; the platform has enhance production planning, training and interdepartmental exchanges.

Have you noticed an advantage related to the ability to communicate in real time with your employees?

Yes, Poka regulates and centralizes our corporate communications, which can be transmitted to all users in real time. The Factor Feed also helps to arouse interest throughout the various departments.

Do you believe that Poka allows better cohesion between the management team and the employees?

Yes. Poka is an easy-to-use and easy-to-access tool, and the interactions made possible by the platform contributes to an engaging environment for employees offering them a sense of belonging. Poka creates a culture of collaboration between our different units.

Centralization and increased diversity of communications

The ability to easily exchange information, through the Factory Feed, between departments and factories, makes it possible to build a large knowledge bank gathering the expertise of various units. The data published in the Factory Feed becomes a key element in the company’s culture. In addition, Poka offers immediate dissemination of information to all employees involved.

Standardization of content

Employees now have instant access to content that concerns the operations of the various equipment within the plant. The same content can also be used for training new employees, and Poka ensures the retention of expertise.

Developing employee versatility

Employees of Duvaltex can easily access the training guides of all its operational process produced via the Poka application. The effectiveness of this instant access to training materials was quickly acknowledged by the fact that employees have become increasingly versatile and autonomous.

Top Use Cases

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