Engaging & Empowering Frontline Workers in Pursuit of Excellence

Featuring a case study from C.H. Guenther

When frontline workers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to do their jobs to standard, improvements in productivity, quality and safety follow. Unfortunately, inconsistencies in production plague most food manufacturers, and the root cause is often either man or method.

This Food Processing Magazine webcast features the story of C.H. Guenther, a food manufacturer that is transforming its approach to standard work by connecting, engaging and empowering frontline workers.

Through their story, you’ll hear ideas for how to:

  • Tap into the collective knowledge of frontline workers to uncover best practices
  • Capture and document standards efficiently
  • Effectively train and monitor compliance with standards

Rick Crook Senior Director Operations & Global G.P.S. Leader, C.H. Guenther
Andrea Masterton VP Marketing, Poka
Empowering Frontline Workers

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