How to Drive Performance Improvements in your Factory

The success of any focussed improvement effort will depend on your ability to effectively engage and leverage frontline workers in identifying and applying best practices. For this reason, a standard pillar of all Lean Manufacturing systems is the importance of elevating and supporting the role of workers in the value stream.

Despite our best intentions and efforts to build a culture of continuous improvement that extends to workers, it is not easy without the right tools. Luckily in this age of digital manufacturing, we can use innovative applications, to connect workers like we are connecting our machines.

Watch this webcast to learn how manufacturing leaders like Danone, Kraft, Bosch and Barry Callebaut are driving performance improvements as a result of empowering workers to learn, communicate and solve problems in the flow of work.

  • Reduced waste by 9%
  • Reduced unplanned stops by 55%
  • Decreased near-misses by 34%
  • Reduced shadowing time and costs by 40%
  • Increased OEE by 4% (on an already optimized line)
  • Reduced production start-up time by 66%

The presentation will also outline 10 practical steps to take in order to improve factory performance in a sustainable and continuous way.

Andrea Masterton VP Marketing, Poka
Bill Blank Senior Implementation Consultant, Poka
Drive Performance Improvements in your Factory

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