Poka Is Now An Important Part Of Continuous Improvement Processes At Isothermic

Isothermic acknowledged that it had weaknesses in systematically updating its training content. Moreover, considering its demographics, the company anticipated a massive decrease in staff within a few years due to retirement. Their operational expertise would therefore be difficult to safeguard since the complex paper documented procedures were still used as the main training content. Isothermic was therefore looking for a new approach.

The three main issues:

  • Weakness in the development of its employee skills
  • Ineffective corporate wide communications
  • The lack of detail in the training content

By addressing the issues the company faced and providing the necessary functionality, Poka would greatly contribute to improving training processes and internal communications at Isothermic.

Poka's training functionalities were implemented in 2015, followed by the news feed in 2016. The production of Isothermic products requires a succession of assembly and assembly procedures, all of which depend on each other. Poka lent itself well to this type of production due to its functionalities of tasks organization, content accessibility and its rich visual support.

Poka's strength is its ability to document our procedures and to share them easily afterwards. This allows an exchange of all of our best practices.

Marquis Thibault Continuous Improvement Coordinator

Q & A

Did Poka reduce the learning curve for employees?

Yes. Before Poka, the training was long because there was an absence of detailed content. Now all the sequences to a task are put in Poka and if there are changes, we redo the video and we retrain the employees. We are therefore always ready for effective training.

Do you use Poka for knowledge transfer and to enhance knowledge assets?

Absolutely. Team leaders create videos for critical positions while expert employees can create the videos for certain other positions. Poka will therefore be of great help for the anticipated wave of retirement.

Does Poka help reduce errors when operating equipment?

Definitely, yes. Our procedures are subject to continuous improvement and changes are included in Poka. This avoids repetition of human errors.

If communication is better with Poka, a better work environment also follows.

Marquis Thibault Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Operational support

The company validates that the knowledge of its employees is continually updated, which ensures optimal and safe productivity. In addition, the sharing of best practices that the news feed offers has a great impact on employee collaboration.

Strict and formal training content

An important time saving is felt at the training level. It is now much easier for the employee to access content on equipment operations, thereby reducing downtime caused by human errors. In addition, retirement isn’t a concern anymore as operational expertise is now conserved through Poka.

Health and safety

By default, the application has reduced the rate of accidents at Isothermic. Indeed, thanks to the production of videos, the health and safety team must give their approval before any content is published. As a result, health and safety regulations are checked more than once prior to any procedure.

Top Use Cases

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