Laying the Foundation for Your Connected Worker Strategy

In this workshop-style webinar, we share a framework to help you build your connected worker strategy based on our experiences with Mars, Nestle, Bosch, Tetra Pak, and other leading manufacturers.

The future of industrial work will be based on engaging and empowering frontline workers to ensure safety, productivity and quality. By digitally connecting workers, global manufacturers have reported impressive results -- an 8% direct productivity gain, a 50% reduction in training time, and a 12.5% reduction in waste.

Despite the potential benefits of CW, many organizations are still struggling to understand how to launch and scale connected worker technology in a way that addresses their unique priorities and reality.

In this webcast, learn about:

  • How to support frontline workers
  • Problem solving at all levels
  • Top challenges and common points of failure
  • Practical ways digital tools can help
Andrea Masterton VP Marketing at Poka
Bill Blank Manufacturing Excellence Education at Poka
Supporting Lean Manufacturing Through Digital Transformation

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