Poka Increases RMC'S Productivity

In the fall of 2015, RMC initiated an internal audit of its entire organization and floor management for four of its plants. RMC acknowledged that certain weaknesses were present, including an impact on the skills development and efficiency of its employees.

The three main issues:

  • Standardization of training content
  • Ineffective communications
  • Standardization and optimization of its operations

By addressing the issues facing the company and providing the necessary functionality, Poka would significantly contribute to the improvement of RMC’s training processes, and to the further development of their employees’ skills.

Prior to deploying all features within Poka, RMC focused on creating training guides for its team leaders only. After seeing the benefits, they offered these guides to all employees. Training guides are now an integral part of the company’s training processes. In addition, the company notes a higher overall employee satisfaction rate in terms of communication, thanks to the functionality that Poka allows.

We significantly reduced our downtime with Poka. A better communication of problems leads to better solutions

Jean-Yves Fayt Directeur des opérations

Q & A

Do you believe that Poka helps increase the versatility of employees?

Poka contributes heavily. The company is relying heavily on the training functionality within Poka for the coming year. Specialized employees are hard to find in the region which requires us to recruit in remote areas, or rely on the internal mobility of our employees.

Does the application reduce unplanned downtime and share information more easily?

Yes. Information about a problem is easily shared through the problem feed and as a result, problematic equipment is quickly identified. Moreover, communication between day and evening shifts is streamlined through the factory feed creating a smoother transition. RMC is experiencing better collaboration and feels Poka significantly promotes an engaging working environment.

Do you think Poka promotes collaboration within teams?

Absolutely. The level of participation and involvement is now high and allows the development of team spirit. We see much more mutual aid than before.

Operational support

The company confirms that the standards of its operations are continually improving, which ensures optimal and safe productivity. By using these new homogeneous standards, the company was able to readjust troubleshooting procedures and increase productivity.

Strict training content

An important time saving is felt at the training level. It is now much easier for the employee to access content on equipment operations. In addition, as one of the issues RMC faced was recruiting new hires, the acquisition of Poka helped promote employee versatility internally.

Diagnose problems

As all plant activities are now available in real-time on the application, responsiveness, collaboration and ease of communication greatly improves problem solving.

Top Use Cases

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